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Videoclips from Laos

Road adventures  (10.09.2011)

On the way to our project villages we are often facing some problems, especially during the rainy season...

Construction of our first health center  (10.09.2011)

One goal in our 3 years project is, to build 2 health centers. The first one we finished in June this year. It was really a challange in many ways. Especially the extremly poor road conditions made everything more difficult. The whole population of this village helped with the construction work and now they are very proud of their own health center - the first concrete building in the village!

Ban Maythavone (08.06.2010)

A collection of videoclips and pictures about our work in the village Maythavone. The clip was done by my translater Souk.


Village Tour (15.09.2011)

This movie was made by a friend of mine who came to visit me here in Laos. He went with us for 4 days into the villages and recorded some of the places and activities there. The film takes around 20 minutes and is therefore quite big. This means, it will take some time to download it, depending on the internet connection. But it is worth doing it! :-)

Impressions from our village health deveopment project (19.05.2012)

This short movie was made for the mid-term evaluation with the Lao government. I now translated it to English so that everyone can understand it. II think it gives a good idea about the most important activities of our project.