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Norwegen_Fjord.jpg Bilder aus Deutschland

Norwegian fjords from the boat   (22.02.2009)

The last course I attended for completing the Master´s degree was taking place in Norway. Once again a totally different country. One weekend I did a one-day-trip called "Norway in a nutshell". With railway and boot we travelled through the beautiful landscape and the Nowegian fjords. Since it was beginning of February, we had a lot of snow and ice. I felt a bit like being in a different world.


Flambahna  (22.02.2009)

Part of the one-day-trip was a ride on a special railway, called "Flambahna", through the mountains. On the picture you can see the railway track that we had passed shortly before. When we saw how this tracks are build into the mountains we felt a bit awkward - we had not noticed that before from inside the train.


On board (22.02.2009)

On this picutre, I am on deck of the boat - but only a short time for taking some pictures because it was too cold to stay there for long.


Frozen Waterfalls  (22.02.2009)

Here you can see a frozen waterfall. Behind the ice the water was still running while there was a cover of ice in front. In summer it must be a huge and impressive waterfall.


Basel   (19.07.2008)

This is one of the typical small alleys in Basel. Unfortunatly, I don´t have any picture from my wonderful host family. I had a really great time  there - not only the course, but also (or especially) the people.


Lecture in the Zoo  in Berlin (10.05.2008)

Here we are having a practical lecture about poisonous animals. What to do when a snake bites someone or which spiders are dangerous which are not. First we had a theoretical part in the university and then we went to the zoo to see the animals in reality - it was a nice trip and made the lecutre much more interesting.


Bergen   (22.02.2009)


The course was taking place in Bergen. It is a beatiful small town build into the mountains with a nice harbour. Reportedly there are around 300 days of rain every year in Bergen - but I was lucky: I had at least one day of sun to make some pictures of the town. The rest of the time it was only snowing. The Norwegians just change to ski when there is snow - even the smallest kids are going to school with ski. Amazing. Compared to them I was really poorly equipped with my simple (and always wet) sneakers...

Stockholm   (29.11.2008)

The second trip during my advanced studies: this time to Stockholm in Sweden. It was a course about Malaria - one week only but very intensive. Afterwards I took a weekend off  to have some more time for sight-seeing in Stockholm. Unfortunately, it was November and therefore very cold and the days were extremely short.


Glass Obelisk   (29.11.2008)

This work of art is placed in the middle of Stockholm. It was created by the artist Edvon Öhrström and build up in this place in 1972 - 38 meters high. But up to now I don´t know the meaning of this piece of art.

Field-visit Semisand.jpg

Field-visit in Semisand   (02.07.2008)

This picture was taken during my first advanced module outside of Germany - in the Swiss Tropical Institute in Basel. It was a module of one month duration with the topic "Health District Management". We learned how to build up or strenghen health systems in developing countries. It was one of the best courses I attended so far. In the first two weeks the lecture was set up as kind of role play: the class was divided into groups of five people (the Health District Management Team) and specific task were assigend to every person in the group. Then we had to analyze the situation in an totally invented country called Freedonia and then to develop a project proposal how to use a certain amount of money to build up the country´s health system. On this picture we are doing a home visit in a rural area of Freedonia, listening to all the problems and opinions the local people are facing.

Pictures from Germany and Europe

France   (16.10.2009)

3 months in Montbélard in France for improving my French. Montbéliard is a nice litte town around 100 km to the west of Basel. The river „Allan“ flows accross the city. It is wonderful to go for a walk along the  river - only after having finished the working day of course!

Saint George   (16.10.2009)

A wonderful view over the city with its cathedral. We are passing by this place every day on our way to „school“.

Park (16.10.2009)

Here I am with Kerstin, my colleague, in one of the numerous parks in Montbéliard. I like this one particulary because it has all kind of facilities for chidlren. For example this giant ant, lots of explications about nature and even a real labyrinth.

Rue Mont Bart  (16.10.2009)

This is my home for the moment. A large room in the top floor. Our landlady is a nice and friendly lady who spent herself many years in Africa. Maybe she has somewhat adapted to the hospitality in Africa and that`s why she likes it to have students around.

My room   (16.10.2009)

This is my room here in France. Very confortable and with a huge french bed. I found some little differences between Germany and France, for example the huge bed, the bowls for taking tea and the great french meals with many courses. But all in all there are not many important differences, I think. There is even LIDL and ALDI around the corner!

überwiegen. Es gibt sogar Aldi und Lidl ganz in der Nähe.

Monsieur Zoom (16.10.2009)

This is our cat, Monsieur Zoom - completly spoiled but still really sweet. He nows exactly how to handle „his“ humans and he loves it so lay down on the books while I am trying to read or even on the computer the moment when I am working on it.


DTMPH   (27.05.2008)

These are the people from our DTMPH core-course. "DTMPH" stands for "Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Public Health" - an abbreviation that is quite commonly used in this field.


WHO   (23.04.2008)

During the core-course in Berlin we went for an excursion to Geneva because many of the "big" organizations are situated there like WHO, UN, UNICEF, UNHCR, ICRC among others. On this picture we are in the entrance hall of the WHO. I found it really impressive. It is a whole town on its own. Under the ceiling there are all the flags hanging from all countries of the world.

Three legged chair   (23.04.2008)

This chair with three legs is placed in front of the main entrance of the UN building in Geneva. It reminds of all the victims of land mines in the world - and it really does it in an impressive way.


Geneva   (23.04.2008)

This beautiful landscape is the Lake Geneva. Actually, Geneva it is a relatively small town but with an extremely high rate of foreigners living there which is understandable considering all the employees of the international organizations. Everywhere in the town many different languages are spoken at the same time. Unfortunately, it is also a very expensive place to live.


Polo   (15.02.2008)

Between my return from Uganda to Germany and the begin of my studies in internationl health I got a job for three months in a small town near to Osterode. Therefore I was able to stay with my mum for this time period. But I needed a car for getting to work (the public transport system here is very poor) and so I ended up buying this Polo. Maybe not the most beautiful car but it was reliable and it gave me some kind of Africa feeling . The only problem was, to sell it again afterwards because only very few people seem to be interested in such cars.