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My name is Esther Rauen and I am 37 years old. After graduation from school I first went to a vocational college to become a dietician. Right after recieving the diploma I started working for one year in a rehabilitation centre for people with heart diseases where I was mainly counseling patients in all kind of nutrition related health problems. Afterwards I found another job in a general hospital and started working more intensely with diabetic patients and especially with kids.

While I was working in Germany I decided to go for further studies in a distant learning universtity ("FernUniversität Hagen"). My main subjects were educational and social behavioural sciences. I got the Bachelor degree just before I moved to Uganda in May 2005. What happened to me during the two years and four months in Africa you can read on the other pages of this website .

After coming back from Uganda in August 2008 I decided to go again for further studies. This time for a master`s degree in international health in Berlin. Main subjects of this course are tropical medicine and public health for developing countries. Part of this course was also a three months stay in Malawi where I colleced the data for my thesis. As you may have already noticed from the type of studies: I want to continue working in developping countries. It took me some time to find the right organisation and place but now it is fixed: since February 2010 I am now working in a basic health care and community development project in Laos!

During my leisure time, I like to make music, especially to play the flute and the piano, I also enjoy cooking, playing volleyball and riding the bicycle. I am christian and member of a baptist church.

All this would have never been possible without all the people who are supporting me, especially my family and friends. Therefore I want to say a very special "thank you" to all of them for all the support they have given to me, not only financially, but also spiritually and actively.